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Welcome! I am glad you found my site. Here you will find everything about my travels and experiences as a Digital Nomad. Keep checking my blog. I will update it often. You don’t want to miss out on the interesting places I visit, trust me!

While I work as a Digital Nomad, I travel all around the world. There is not much that I need for that. First, I need my cat Chloe, she goes everywhere I go. Besides her, all I need is my laptop, an internet connection and a place to sleep and work. I can work wherever I am, in (almost) whatever country pleases me. This travelblog is about the places I visit, for instance the people I meet, their customs and traditions, photos and recipes of food from their traditional, local cuisine.

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Sharing the fun on my Blog

I suggest that you check out my Photo Gallery and the Local Recipes I made. See what unique items I found for you, in my Souvenir Shop. The stories in my Blog, about my experiences, will be interesting. In other words, I am really looking forward to writing about them!

During my stay in a country, I will source some interesting craft souvenirs, which you can buy if you like, in my Souvenir Shop. I will try to find original pieces, handmade by the local people. Your house needs unique pieces of art and I will make it a challenge to find those for you. Don’t forget to check my photo gallery regularly as well. If you like any of the pictures, you can buy the full size, royalty free, digital photos, so you can order a nice poster or canvas online for your home, or maybe use my images on your own website.

You may add me on LinkedIn as well if you like and if you want to check my personal website, you are welcome to do so.

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